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Final call: The Javan Magpie

The lively forests of Java are fast falling silent. Years ago the common Javan Green Magpie filled the forests with its loud and bark-like calls. Today it is had to spot, except among the bird-caged markets of Java.

The spectacular species is now threatened to extinction according to the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature).

Stolen from their forest home, for several years they have been crammed into cage at the bird markets in the bustling capital Jakarta, and across the country.From here they are sold as pets, and entered into national bird-singing competitions.

However, the Javan Green Magpie is just one species threatened by what conservationists have dubbed a ‘songbird crisis.’ The most thorough study, published by the wildlife trade monitoring network Traffic in 2015, found almost 20,000 birds for sale in a single day, in three of Jakarta’s bird markets (BBC 2017).

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